Nick Alsis Discusses Strategies for Encouraging Greater Military Support

soldier-917964_960_720Veterans of military service often find that the transition to civilian life is difficult, and one of the main reasons for this is that the population at large is unable to truly understand the depth of the sacrifice these individuals have made. Even with plenty of support from organizations dedicated to veterans, many servicemen and women feel somewhat unappreciated when they return home from a foreign conflict.

According to Nick Alsis, there are a number of effective strategies that can be employed by civilians to ensure that military men and women feel supported by the fellow citizens. While almost every civilian is quick to shake the hand of a uniformed serviceman or woman and thank them for their service, this is a somewhat superficial gesture that can yield the opposite of what is intended and may actually minimize the significance of the sacrifice made by military personnel.

Instead, entire communities must come together to ensure the continued support of those who have served in the military by offering social invitations as often as possible and working to build and maintain a strong support system. This consistent approach promotes a greater degree of inclusion and ensures that the community is there for servicemen and women whenever they may happen to be in need.

Can Residential Air Conditioning Units Be Monitored From a Remote Location?

The rapid advance of technology has indeed made it possible for air conditioning units to be monitored by residents or professional contractors from a remote location, enhancing the simplicity and convenience of ensuring the system is functioning at an optimal level while also enabling the remote control of the system for energy conservation purposes. Residents understand that the best air conditioning Phoenix has to offer should be able to withstand the intense heat that is so common to the area, but it is only through routine maintenance and timely repairs that residents are able to truly ensure the consistently smooth operation of the system.

When residents are away from their home, however, it can be difficult to address problematic issues in a timely fashion. With the advent of remote air conditioning system monitoring, homeowners can enlist the help of professionals to watch over their system while they are away so that any issues that crop up will not be left unaddressed and ultimately result in a simple problem becoming far more serious or complex.

There is also the added benefit of being able to remotely control the system’s settings, with homeowners now capable of setting the thermostat to an energy-efficient temperature while they are out of their home without having to deal with the discomfort of returning to a home that is either too warm or too cold because they have to wait for the system to return the home to the ideal temperature setting. With remote operation, homeowners can set the system to whatever temperature they wish in advance of their arrival, thereby ensuring they are able to walk into a home that is already at a pleasant temperature.

While there are several different types of systems that make this possible, the majority function through the use of a Wi-Fi thermostat. Homeowners with these systems can provide their professional contractor with access to the thermostat for monitoring services that largely eliminate the possibility of a problem arising in the system by going unnoticed for far too long.

Even with advances in technology, it is still necessary for homeowners to perform regular maintenance tasks and to call on professionals for annual system service or assistance for some other air conditioning issue. Wi-Fi thermostats do make it easier for homeowners to keep their systems running smoothly at all times and make it much more convenient to engage in responsible practices regarding home energy use.

Military Life To Civilian Life, Halden Zimmerman Gives Preparation Advice

Many people serving in the military don’t know what they would do if they ever were to return to civilian life either on their terms or on the terms of their commanding officer. Just like if you’re going from the civilian life to the military lifestyle, if you’re switching from a military career to a civilian, you’re not looking at JUST a change in jobs. You can expect your whole world to be flipped around.

One tip I got from Halden Zimmermann is to be prepared. The better you are prepared, the smoother your transition between worlds and lifestyles will be. When I say prepare, what does that mean? Prepare for what? You’re going to want to prepare for the culture shock. Everything you got used to over the last 4+ years will not be anymore. You can stop sleeping with one eye open. You can stop watching your back every 10 seconds. If you suffer from shell shock, people are going to have to adjust to being surrounded by you and many people will not understand you and what you have been through.

When you return to civilian life, you have to reprogram the way your mind works according to Halden. You have to learn how to think of yourself and take care of yourself. Reprogramming your thinking is easier said than done, as it can take a few months to a few years. When you’re in the service, you are taught it’s no longer about you, it’s about the military. It’s about your team. Your brothers and sisters in uniform. The best way you can prepare is to know what to expect. Expect to think of yourself and to take care of yourself from there on out.

Stephen E. Smith is Proud to Serve You and The Country

Some people say they don’t trust doctors and they don’t trust lawyers, but the funny thing is that a lot of doctors and lawyers were once proudly serving in the military and people trusted them to protect their Country. One particular individual who comes to mind is the grand attorney of Stephen E. Smith Lawsuit which would be Stephen E. Smith himself. Mr. Smith proudly served 8 years in the Army back in 1962 during the notorious Vietnam War.

“Probably the most terrible part about being in the war was the rain. It would never stop raining!” Stephen joked. “In all seriousness, I enjoyed serving and once I got out of the Army, that was when I decided I wanted to help people fix their troubles. I served the Country, now I’m servicing people as an attorney.”

Smith says that if he could, he’d do it again and recommends the military to anyone because it taught him so much of life, survival and success.

Marine Attitude

If you have ever met a Marine you will know what I mean buy the Marine attitude.  A Marine has the ultimate can do attitude. imagesP5GREAT1 untitled (188) I think it is that attitude that defines the Marine and make them the perfect employee.  If you have a chance to hire an Marine I would not hesitate.  A Marine will find a way to get the job done every time.  All prior military employees will have a higher sense of team work and accomplishment.  You wont be sorry for doing the right thing by hiring the military employees returning from service. Dove Press details the military advantage.

Military Transition

untitled (157) untitled (156)When I discharged from the Army I had to transition to a civilian job.  Even though I was in the Army for only two years I was still of a military mind set.  I want to be the best at what I do and the Army really drilled that into my mind.  It also taught me to respect the boss and be a positive part of the team.  If you manage to transition to civilian life then a job should be a snap.  The Army teaches you to be self reliant and to help others.  That mindset lend well to many civilian jobs.  Dana Sibilsky is a veteran and had a difficult time transitioning to civilian life.

Discharged…Now What

untitled (272) untitled (271) untitled (270)When I was serving in the Army all I could think of was that discharge date.  I was sure that civilian life would be so much better.  Surely in civilian life there were not so many asses that boss you around.  Well after I was discharged and went to work for a factory guess what.  Yes the whole management team were asses.  The same asses that populate the armed forces had found their way into civilian life!  This was a rude awakening as I was looking foreword to a smooth ride in my career.  Well that’s what happens when you are young and know everything.  Home for Life, The Animal Sanctuary of the St. Croix Valley is my home and I finally enjoy my job.


Consider Future Employment Goals When Joining the Military

The military offers undeniably great opportunities to individuals of all levels of education, but there are certain opportunities within the military that serve as a better foundation for post-military employment. The majority of military recruits do not consider their future employment goals when they join the military, but they can ensure long-term security by doing so.

Consider the fact that certain industries are enjoying exceptional growth but require applicants to have a great deal of experience before gainful employment can be offered. Through the military, the necessary training and experience can be earned so that these lucrative positions are available following the completion of active duty. A military member who is trained to work as a military interpreter may be able to find employment with a company like All Language Alliance following the end of their service.

The other consideration that those entering the military should understand is whether or not the position they accept in the military will be something that is valuable to the civilian business world. Someone serving as an infantryman will find it difficult to apply their skills and experience in the search for civilian employment. This is something that all members of the armed forces should think about so that they can enjoy a long career once their service is complete.

Military Advantage

untitled (2)I think that every child graduating high school should be obligated to serve 3 years in our military.  The kids today have no appreciation for what they have.  They take their freedom for granted.  The think the world owes them a living.  Many never grow up.  College just feeds this way of thinking.  The professors are liberal pukes and force feed the willing brains of mush with communist socialist garbage.  If they spent a few years in the military they would lean how to take care of themselves and have some respect for our country.  Consolidated Credit can help with that needed education.